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8 September

I started the month by buying myself a new phone. I realise that getting a new phone is not really an occasion worth noting but in this case it is - more on this later.

Anyway, the big excitement for September was the wedding of two very dear friends of mine: John and Jenny. I had previously promised I would give them a hand - plattering up salads etc. made by the family for the reception. I decided to fly in a bit earlier, and stay with Alaric and Nerissa. We were going to drive up the day before just in case they needed a bit more help.

Just as well! Things in the catering department had fallen in a wee bit of a heap. The very tiny kitchen was in a state (not hard in a kitchen that poorly designed!), with mounds of ingredients everywhere. While everyone else went off to do the things that need to be done elsewhere, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, boiling potatoes, washing dishes, arranging the kitchen.

That evening, and the next day, we all cooked, cleaned, scrubbed, peeled, chopped and prepared. Alaric and I worked side by side (as we do so well) all day, preparing great mounds of salads. When wedding time came, I had just enough time to slip into my wedding outfit.

The wedding was of course, lovely. Jenny looked spectacular, and John scrubbed up really well.

But it was back into the kitchen for Alaric and I! Time to get the food onto the buffet table - lots of hungry people to feed. After the first lot went out, I let Alaric join his beautiful wife (domestic harmony is very important... actually they are just still so cute and in love they just want to be with each other all the time), and kept on with the plattering.

Once dessert was put out, and then at least mostly put back, I felt free to join the party. I was only up for a small amount of dancing as my feet and legs were just about falling off, but I still had fun - and as you can see from the photos above, so did everyone else!

One of the loveliest things to see that night was my friend Finnian, who had recently discovered and fallen for my friend Mary... and she for him. They look so cute together!

The next day a small group of us went off to see Avebury.








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